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Aaand commissions done!

Over the last couple weeks, I've been working with Travis Woodall, one of the admins for the D&D Adventurers' League program, on some art for his latest author-exclusive adventure, DDAO-19 Layers Upon Layers. I have to say that, in addition to being fantastic to work with, Travis has given me some of the best stuff to work on since I got into commissioned illustration. Both of these characters - the Unseelie Fey and the Gluttonous Imp - were chock-full of quirks and lovely little sinister bits, and Mr McSeelie (not his real name, so no spoilers!) in particular was right up my ally, what with my affection for spooky, Guillermo-Del-Toro-styled elves and fey and all. Plus, I got to use Overwatch's Roadhog for posing reference, so that just about capped it off.

Overall, I got some fantastic ideas and a tonne of feedback and guidance from Travis, and ended up doing what I feel might be some of my best work yet.

Travis Woodall's DDAO-19 Layers Upon Layers premieres at the Winter Fantasy 2018 convention.

A rather unseelie fey...
...and a particularly gluttonous imp!

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