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viking arma

Viking Armaments

For this project, I modeled and textured a viking sword and shield, as well as a rune-stone shrine upon which to display them.

Modelling Software: Autodesk Maya 2015, ZBrush (High poly)

Texturing Software: Substance Painter

I wanted these weapons to have a sense of forgotten nobility and warrior’s honor, while also capturing a sense of grit and reality. Thus, my references and concepts prioritised a combination of historical accuracy, ornamentation, and functionality.

A full breakdown on my decisions and workflow on this project can be found here.


  • Always add two days onto your predicted time… and then triple the result. This will give you the time to experiment and figure out the process.

  • You’re never in the clear until the project is over. Unexpected snags will always come up.

  • Get feedback ASAP. This will allow you to more easily incorporate it into the project.

  • Metal can be trickier than expected. You can't just create the material - you need to add multiple layers and types of wear and dirt.

  • Wood grain is key.

  • Substance Painter is awesome. I plan on incorporating it into my workflow from now on.

  • Making rocks can be much trickier than expected. Seriously. This is a valuable, learned skill (and every studio needs someone to make rocks).

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